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Overlays and Coatings

Concrete Overlays

Concrete flooring with a decorative overlay is the perfect option for residential or commercial spaces where the slab has been stained or damaged and has become too unsightly to polish, or the client wants the look and feel of concrete without the natural imperfection. Overlays, not to be confused with micro toppings, are a sleek choice with a modern or contemporary feel.

Concrete overlays, when installed correctly, require proper preparation to achieve the desired results. Unlike some companies that apply a skim coat topping and call it a day, Austin Stained Concrete goes the extra mile  to ensure you receive the best foundation before the overlayment is applied, and it all begins with the preparation. This is an important distinction to be observed and the difference between a true overlay and a micro topping.

We start the process with an inspection to evaluate what your slab surface may need to produce the best results. Taking into consideration the age of the building, location, ground stability, the presence of any moisture, and the overall condition of the surface. In many cases, patching will need to be applied and in some situations, where moisture or stability may be a factor, we will recommend an underlayment to try and mitigate future issues. Keeping in mind an overlay is a continuous flooring system that needs to have as much stability as possible to lessen cracking. 

Once the determinate has been made as to the best preliminary preparation, we remove your baseboards and mechanically profile the surface, followed by a sand and epoxy disbursement. This extra step will help insure a good bond with the existing concrete. Once all this preparation has been completed and the initial products are set, we begin the pour. Application of a self-leveling cementitious product is poured, generally to a depth of 1/4-3/8 thickness. This process is tedious and must be performed with continuous consistency. After the pour, the product must set for a minimum of 12 hours before any stain or sealer can be applied.

The stain color of the customer’s choice is applied with a sprayer, and depending on the depth of color this may be a very light application or a more intense coverage. Either way, the stain will have movement and yet consistency in its appearance. Contact us for more information.