Concrete Staining in Austin, TX

Stained Concrete in Austin, TX

Stained concrete is a well-loved method for adding color to your home or business. Available in a variety of colors, concrete staining, when professionally applied, gives your space an original or unique look. Preparing the surface to receive the stain is the most important step. At Austin Stained Concrete, we begin the staining process by mechanically grinding the surface to open the pores of the concrete so that it will accept the stain more consistently. We use the sprayed-on method of applying stain to achieve the best control, while still allowing for creative beauty. Each stained concrete floor is unique, with lots of movement in the color. 

Blending colors can add depth and visual interest. An experienced concrete staining technician will be able to utilize the right colors to better enhance the natural colors in the concrete, instead of working against them. For instance, some concrete is more sandy colored in nature, while others are more gray. Careful attention must be paid to assure the stain applied doesn’t turn your gray concrete into a battleship gray color, when you were going for a smoky gray finish. 

Several different types of preparation that can be applied, the least invasive is to clean the surface and then apply the stain and sealer. This method is not recommended for extremely troubled surfaces, or surfaces that were not poured with the idea of having them stained. The second type (most commonly used in a commercial or industrial setting) is to grind the surface, which will not only open the pores but will help smooth the surface to the minimum extent. A grind, stain, and seal should not be confused with polished concrete that has been stained and sealed. Polished concrete is only achieved by mechanically going through a series of consecutive steps with grinding and polishing discs, ending with a honed surface likened to that of a polished stone. Visit our photo gallery for more visual inspiration.

Various types of stains are used depending on the preparation method employed and the desired results. We typically lean towards acetone and water-based products because the alternative, an acid stain, can be very inconsistent and can leave an undesirable appearance. 

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