Polished Concrete Floors in Austin, TX

Concrete Polishing in Austin, TX

We love polished concrete floors! They are a unique and beautiful flooring option that compliments any decor. We have been providing concrete polishing in Austin since early 2012 and  our experience shows. Searching for concrete polishing “near  me”,  you found us!

Professionally installed polished concrete, when done correctly, is achieved mechanically by the use of state-of-the-art, very expensive machinery. We chose our equipment carefully and have upgraded brands and individual pieces over the years, opting for the highest quality and standards in the industry.

Every concrete slab is different and the original pour dictates the end result of a concrete floor.  Often times the builder pours the slab without much care to the concrete’s appearance, believing  the surface will be covered by carpet, tile, wood, etc. They seldom consider a flooring change down the road, especially a change to a polished and/or stained concrete floor. This oversight means the occupant must work with the surface they received. But don’t be discouraged, that’s where a professional residential concrete flooring installer can smooth out the rough spots, so to speak.

To achieve a polished surface, we work with your slab to bring out its natural beauty. We begin by preparing the surface with very coarse diamond-grinding pucks or pads. Similar to refinishing furniture, we start with a coarse grit and work our way through a series of pad changes until we reach the desired luster and ascetic chosen by our client. This can mean a few passes or 10-plus passes with our polishing equipment. Densifying or hardening the concrete and grouting the tiny  holes during the process. We work towards what is known in the industry as a salt and pepper finish. This is where the very top or cream of the slab is removed. A common misconception is that  this process will flatter or level the slab or take out holes and divots. Polishing does not flatten the slab, but works with the natural contours, exposing the  aggregate in high areas until we reach the desired level of luster. The higher the grit, the higher the luster or reflectivity. Think of it as pixels on a screen, a low grit will result in a low pixel quality, whereas a high grit will produce high definition. An example would be, while looking at the reflection on the floor you can see there is light coming from a window, versus seeing in the reflection the actual window frame and even the leaves on the trees outside. 

Polished concrete  flooring, as with any flooring option, has its own care requirements. It’s a very durable option, especially when it comes to scuffs and scratches. Think of it like the surface of a polished stone. Because of its nature, it can stain, particularly if not cared for properly. Everyday  maintenance is relatively easy. We recommend cleaning the surface with a dust mop, followed by  mopping with clean water, a ph-neutral cleaning solution, and a clean microfiber mop.

Searching for a professional concrete polishing company in Austin, TX? Look no further.

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Concrete Floors and The Environment

Today more homes and commercial buildings in Austin are being constructed and renovated with environmental considerations at the forefront. Going green has become a standard for both individuals and organizations, in fact over time it saves money while being conscious of your lasting footprint. Many articles have been written on the subject, including this one from Concrete Decor.

The sustainability and durability of polished or polished and stained concrete floors are just two great examples of what this cost-effective, low maintenance, alternative flooring provides. Exposed polished concrete floors conserve resources and act as both a foundation and a finish. By utilizing the existing concrete we eliminate the need for carpet or other floor coverings that over time will need to be replaced, ultimately ending up in our Austin landfills.

Concrete flooring is truly a sustainable and earth-friendly choice!